Sivaganga Palace
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Brave ladies of Sivagangai – Kuyili

Sivaganga town bearing his name and the name of the lost city of Hussein, the glory was lost.The judge in the end the horrors of Sivaganga Queen velunachiyar sail after eight years. Notwithstanding the force of the attack, the champions of freedom Kochadai mallarirayan, tiruppuvanam rankarayan manamaturai Brighton, Puriya, capitulated by Martinez.

In this context kalaiyar Temple ayattamakat kottaiyo war began. Weary soldiers stripped off early in the morning on the day of the Emergency Calling velunachiyar kolumantapam asking everyone rushed Chiefs. Queen velunachiyar there, waiting for them to come earlier. Seeing the smile on the face of the queen’s generals bud. “Come on, everybody. The time has come for you to face. Let three pirivakap divide our forces. Marudhu lead a small section. Section 3 of the eight thousand pataivirarkalotum Tiruppattur headed artillery. Another group, led by the largest Marudhu, Sivaganga with 4 cannons went out to the palace in teppakkulakkarai umaratul uparakanaiyum kollattam his troops to attack and win, “he said Nachiar small Marudhu hastily intercepted before concluding,” Our main job kaipparruvatutane Queen civakankaik fort? About it … “

“Marudhu small force led by me and another unit of troops and force the girls to make this work, okay?”

“We are sorry the Queen. Civakankaik kottaiyo strong. How little the castle by the battalion to fight against the white man’s cannon …? “

velu-nachiyarThis method interceptors before the end of his comment Marudhu a putukkural hall resounded from the gate.

One old lady was coming back from there.

She stumbled into the middle of the congregation who had walked, velunacciyarai vanankivittu, and began to talk.

“Talavay big Marudhu themselves, Navratri Festival is going on now. Vijayadashami day after tomorrow. Civakankaik Rajarajeswary Amman temple in the fort is placed on the trowel. One morning, only to see it on the people, especially women, is not sanctioned. Use it to flow into the Queen’s castle in force under the leadership of women. Then what? The success of our side. “

She said breathlessly, the eyes of many people by surprise virntana.

The woman laughed at the sight katakatavena Marudhu suspicion of great vision. “Peranti big Marudhu, now you recognize me?” Enrapatiye slowly put his head in his hands removed the white hair. The decision, which came to hand. Kuyili smile sparkle standing.

Yes, civakankaik best friend of the queen’s castle kuyili spy disguise the fact that the light was turning left.

“What’s the big Marudhu, tirntata your doubts? Let pormuracu our troops the day after tomorrow, the system will sound the drum, the white slave otittu chains, release the trigger drum to light! “From the throne of Queen enrapatiye kuyili headed for the seraglio.

Queen kurittatupola pirivakap separated the two armies, muracaraintu mulakkamittup takeoff war, led by Queen velunachiyar penkalpatai Sivaganga moved into town. Devotees worship shut marched with garlands in their hands.

marudhu-brothersPumalaikkul knife was ambushed valariyum parankiyarukkut idea. Stripped off all her jewelry simple penpola velunacciyarum invaded the temple in disguise.Eight years ago, after leaving the castle with her husband, Henry, today alone vantuvittate come in disguise for a moment, thinking Velu Nachiar troubled. But, at the same moment, the anxiety has expired. “My husband will break this insidious mayttu subjugated country. The flame across the country with the seed of freedom! “Stormed the viracapatam remember.

His eyes began to crawl to every corner of the fort. Vijayadashami all the weapons to worship in the courtyard of the castle immense land. Were the only weapons in the hands of a few players.

As the Queen’s castle alavetuttatu kuyili alavetuttana eyes. The sight of the moon weapons deployed in the yard, her mind the idea of ​​a lightning appeared and disappeared.

But who knew that the idea is not allowed to carry out kuyili speaking, slowly broke velunacciyaraip Queen attended the meeting.

At the same time, the ritual is complete in the castle. Everyone began to leave the fort. Public meeting and began to slowly recede. This is the time to start a war, he realized velunacciyar.His hand rose slowly overhead. Vanankiyapatiye Rajarajeswary mind, “viravel! Vetrivel !! “he thundered vinnatira.

To the extent that itikkural kitukit aranmanaiye shouting. When he heard of the Queen’s Guard puyalayc ciriyatu kuralocaiyaik. New winds fired. Vittaipola magical sword in the hands of the women appeared valariyum velum.

Civakankaip white girls up all of the weapons minnalenac vetticcayttatu force. Parse itiviluntatu had fallen into the upper portion of the scene stood.

sivagangai-palace“Charge! ..” And prone to rupture kattiyapatiye pancor throat, his hips and began to shoot the 2 shotgun fire. Otivara white soldiers began to weapons caches. Civakankaik fort earthquake struck.

Mantiramay velunachiyar Queen’s sword spun.Having ayutaminrit Some fled to survive.

A woman getting someone there to catch pancoraip Nachiar Velu melmatattirkuc koluntuvittu throughout her body burning with fire, “viravel, Vetrivel that” the universe potipatak kattiyapatiye jumped up and down. Nilamurrat come straight from the arsenal, the woman fell.

At the sight of the fire pancor stockpiles, and the ashes of his players had the flu.

Pancor tried to flee. But velunachiyar Viraval the Baath took him. Commander surrendered.Came from the hand of the queen of the castle again. At the same time, the driving of the largest Marudhu uparakkanai umaratul hit came with success.

Toss a small castle with his troops arrived tiruppatturk Marudhu. Cry of victory resounded everywhere. But velunachiyar around the eyes just as the crowd were alavetuppatu.

Kuyil when the war started and stopped on the mindset of the arsenal. Then she thought, “This is the final battle for our freedom. How much life is no longer made, which we will not be successful if they fail. I’m going irradiance guide to success. Do not stop me, “he had told the whole body was on the bed in the temple with Neil kulittapati flew towards the palace balconies.

After the palace balconies tippantat tivaittukkontu his body itself, and jumped in the arsenal.Allittara weapon white bereave us the victory …. Paliyittukkontal himself.

Sacrificing himself to protect honor the sacrifice for the freedom of zucchini maravar maratti velunachiyar the eyes of the warrior became cascade. Tears flooded his body submerged.

Only he cried? For kuyili civakankaic cimaiye fainted. Kuttuttokaitan India as a whole, such as the release of light given kuyili tiyakaccutarkal found together. Many of their body kuyilikal eriporulakkiya carukayp were still eramaleye history. In their noble tiyakattirkut talaivanankuvom!