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The new Alien bike in World

Here is one concept bike that would be high on anyone’s wish list, if it were ever to actually come out of Maranello crafted by the folk at Scuderia Ferrari. we found this and wanted to pass it on

This concept Ferrari V4 Motorcycle combines the traditional elements of a Ferrari 4 wheeler with the aerodynamic design of a future bike to unleash a scorching hot beast on two wheels. The bike has a flowing aerodynamic design and has the best available technology on the inside to give you that perfect Ferrari ride.???
The V4 comes with a modified Ferrari Enzo engine at its heart and the hand controls of an F-16 jet and the buttons of an F1 Ferrari to control all that raw power. The V4 bike

Designed by Israeli industrial designer Amir Glinik, the obvious magic of the V4 lies in the fact that it is a Ferrari and sporting a Ferrari badge is the dream of most auto maniacs. As a concept, it just seems to not have the right suspensions for a bike that will surely set some speed records. A lack of windshield at high speeds would also cause some serious problems. Probably a touch of leather to the seat and some variations at the Ferrari workshop would complete the transformation.

what do you think the cost will be???
and if it was the right price would you want one?